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5 Reasons Digital Is Important

5 Reasons Digital Is Important

1. Everyone is carrying a billboard in their pocket.

This billboard is called a cellphone. As of Spring 2014 Google searches by phone surpassed searches done on computers. This trend is rising. If you don't have a digital presence that is mobile responsive you will not be relevant on the billboards that exist in the pockets of the audience you are trying to reach.

2. Conversions are trackable.

That Coke Billboard looks amazing. They may have even known how many people walked past it. It was probably very expensive too. How many bottles of coke were sold because of that sign? No tellin'. With digital you can tell who clicks on what, when they click on it, if they became a lead, and whether or not they became a customer, member, or client.

3. More bang. Less Buck.

You pay for as much as you want. Traditional advertising efforts result in a fixed cost for a fixed placement. Rather than paying for physical placement or air time, pay for impressions, clicks, or even conversions to ensure that you are getting results for the money that you invest.

4. Momentum

If you have something awesome to offer or something incredible to say then digital marketing efforts can perpetuate themselves after the initial push. Invest in virality and reap the benefits.

5. Knowing Thyself

See the comments, read the messages, calculate the likes, and determine if you are doing the right thing. Your audience will give you feedback on your products, your organization, or your services. This is feedback that you couldn't get should you exclusively focus on word of mouth marketing or tangible marketing efforts.

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